Georgia TechSchool of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Research Team


Randall Guensler, Ph.D.
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
790 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA  30332-0355

Jennifer Ogle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Civil Engineering
Clemson University
Clemson, SC  30332-0355




Adjo Amekudzi, Ph.D.
Michael D. Meyer, Ph.D., P.E.
Michael O. Rodgers, Ph.D.



All people listed below are graduate students, unless otherwise noted.

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Name Time Period Research Activities
Philip Blaiklock 2007 - present GPS vehicle tracking, congestion pricing, facility design, Urban Planning
Vetri Elango 2003 - present Travel variability
Jungwook Jun 2004 - present  
David Kall 2006 - present Transportation planning, vehicle emissions, VMT data anlaysis
Jaesup Lee 2004 - present Freeway operations, video speed detection, travel behavior, travel demand modeling (mico and macro)

Vishal Pandey

2007 - present Air quality, emissions

Seungkook Wu

 ? - present? Arterial performance, microsimulation, adaptive signal control, effects of urban street environment on vehicle operating speeds
Yanzhi (Ann) Xu 2006 - present Transportation planning, value pricing, travel behavior analysis and environmental impact assessment.
Kai Zuehlke 2005 - present Employer commute options programs, commuter mode choice, GIS applications, transportation modeling
Lyubov Zuyeva 2007 - present Transit route planning, transit accessibility, value pricing



People listed below have completed their graduate studies and are no longer actively working on Commute Atlanta.

Name Time Period Research Activities
Nachiket Damodare 2005 - 2006

Commute Atlanta Study website

Joonho Ko 2004 - 2006

Travel diaries

Hainan Li
(Research Engineer II)

2002 - 2007 Transportation planning, travel behavior analysis, vehicle activity monitoring, GIS and GPS Applications in transportation engineering 
Jennifer Indech Nelson 2006 - 2007 GIS and GPS applications, geocoding accuracy, highway commuter analysis, congestion pricing field study, Commute Atlanta research website
Seungju Yoon 2004 - 2006  



Olusegun Adeyemo (Fall 2006)

Chao Huang (Fall 2006)

Navid Kashani (Fall 2006 - Spring 2007)

Justin Yoo (Fall 2006 - Spring 2007)

I-85 Congestion Pricing Field Study Crew (Summer 2007):
Chandler Alford, Kyaw Aung, James Grimes, John Hoang, Philip Kang, Luisa Mazzei, Colin McMahon, Neerav Patel, Nancy Pham, Russel Ramoso, Randal Rayford, Gwen Rodgers, Danielle Simpson, Eric Turner, David Wu